Volare Helicopters: A High-flying Social Media Campaign

Volare Helicopters is a Southern-Arizona based helicopter tours company — the only helicopter touring company that covers the large swath of cinematic and photogenic region.

We’ve been wanting to work with the company for the past six or so months, after discovering their collaboration with another local master creative, Sean Parker of Sean Parker Photography. For this spot, the idea was inspired by the husband-and-wife team that owns Volare: The couple, along with their super cute dogs, take their helicopter out “helicamping”, sometimes at the top of the Catalina Mountains.

For the main spot, we wanted to really showcase the company’s offerings: helicopter tours, flight school AND the opportunity for a romantic and exciting getaway. We wanted to capture enough footage to produce a series of visual content that would also highlight the different services offered by the company. The story follows our hero, a James Bond-esque pilot who flies the helicopter to make a mysterious rendezvous.

The production took two days — a Saturday afternoon (which turned out to be extremely overcast and cold) and two hours on Sunday to capture b-roll footage over Tucson, Arizona with flyover shots. We also went out with our drone pilot to capture footage of our stunt driver in the white Jeep Patriot for the “chase” scenes.

It was a fun production with a great crew, a wonderful company and the help of our dear friend, mentor and Canon Explorer of Light Bruce Dorn who lent us his expertise, some of his gear and some elbow grease.

Coincidentally, a still Bruce captured of Ian Holt, our James Bond, from the first production day were featured on Canon USA’s Instagram, along with behind the scenes photos by our BTS guy and drone pilot, Simon Asher. We also have a #BehindtheShot video that accompanied the content that was shared.

Client: Volare Helicopters

Deliverables: Full :90-second video for website; One (1) :30-second spot for Instagram; Two (2) :15-second spots highlighting Volare Helicopters’ flight school and helicopter tours.

Producer/Writer/Director: John de Dios

DP/Cinematography: Alan Scott Davis

Post-Production: Davis de Dios Productions

BTS & Drone Footage: Simon Asher

Talent: Ian Holt, Rebekah Bergeron

Music: Nat Anderson, Triple Scoop Music