Volare Helicopters: A High-flying Social Media Campaign

Volare Helicopters is a Southern-Arizona based helicopter tours company — the only helicopter touring company that covers the large swath of cinematic and photogenic region. We’ve been wanting to work with the company for the past six or so months, after discovering their collaboration with another local master creative, Sean Parker of Sean Parker Photography. …

National Science Foundation: No Robot Left Behind

For the past two years, drone clubs from universities all over the world have competed for the chance to come to Tucson and participate in the Cyber-Physical Systems Student Challenge. Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, the competition/collaboration environment challenges the student teams to autonomously fly their drones and complete real-world physical.  

ARRI: A Motion Picture Company Turns 100

This video we helped film in the year that ARRI celebrated its centennial. The purpose for this product promo was to showcase the high-end ARRI SkyPanels (used extensively by now Academy Award-winner Roger Deakins in the films he works on — see: Blade Runner 2049).