Davis de Dios Media on BH Photo Event Space

Join us on Tuesday, May 31 at 1 EST on B&H Photo’s Event Space’s Livestream! Alan Davis and John de Dios of the Davis de Dios creative leadership team will be presenting about the StellaPro Lights and how it has revolutionized our small business based in Southern, Arizona.

John and Alan give a brief history of the company and talk about how we’ve integrated the StellaPro CLx10s into our workflow, especially during the COVID-19 years.

Filming inside the humid and unique desert biome inside the Biosphere 2 can be a lighting challenge, but the rugged and portable StellaPro Lights make it that much easier. For the interior shots in this video, we used a single, hand-held StellaPro CLx10 with a Profoto octabox diffuser.

The StellaPro Lights have been a staple in our gear bag since we were introduced in 2018. These older StellaPro CLx10 lights can blast up to 8,000 lumens at max power when needed.

See below for more information about our B&H Photo Event Space presentation and how to sign up to join the conversation! See you on Tuesday!

How StellaPro’s Continuous LED Lights Transformed This Small Business | Sponsored by StellaPro Lighting

StellaPro Lights’ continuous LED lighting has been a revolutionary addition to our gear and our production. The versatility, ruggedness, and power that the StellaPro Lights pack have allowed us to create fun and diverse content for a variety of our clients, including our documentary projects. In this presentation, John de Dios and Alan Davis of Davis de Dios Media will share how the StellaPro CLx lights and the continuous hybrid Reflex S have been transformative additions to our production. 

Celebrating Heritage: Indigenous Dancers Look to the Future. Using 3 StellaPro CLx10s for the interior; and 6 StellaPro CLx 10 units for the outdoor footage filmed at the Lost Dutchman State Park in Phoenix, Arizona.

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  • Alan Davis and Amanda Maldonado sit center frame with Stella pro lights and Atamos Screens in the foreground.
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Published by Jonathan Olesen

Producer, director of operations