Tips For Small Businesses Looking to Maximize Their LinkedIn Profile

Are you wondering how to bring your small business onto LinkedIn and maximize your profile in 2022? Or maybe you created a LinkedIn, for yourself, as a part of your Professional Communications class back in college and haven’t checked it since. Perhaps you created an account during a job search just before the pandemic…

We say it’s time to update your profile!

A Shift in LinkedIn

With over 800 million members, LinkedIn is currently the world’s leading business network. Those members span across 200 countries and regions worldwide. According to Statista, around 28% of adults currently use LinkedIn regularly and that number is only growing. 

While the online community was created to aid in connecting employers with job candidates as well as improve communication between colleagues and business partners, the network has recently taken off as a tool for businesses and individuals to market themselves. This shift in initiative came during the lockdown when there was a sudden burst in remote jobs.

Your LinkedIn Profile

Make sure your LinkedIn has a professional profile picture as well as a clear and concise description of your business and services or products. Doing so will make your LinkedIn profile more credible and accessible to potential partners, customers, and employers.

In order to enable contact from profiles and businesses that you are not yet directly connected to, it is imperative that you have an Open Profile which requires you to have LinkedIn Premium

Posting to LinkedIn

Consider posting to your business’s LinkedIn as often as you would your business’s Facebook page or Twitter. Keeping your LinkedIn active will help to bring clients or employers to your page. 

When posting to LinkedIn it is also important to maintain your brand image. According to the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, brand consistency is essential. Including keywords to your business in your posts will ensure that your business will be more prioritized in LinkedIn searches.

Know your target audience and appeal to their liking by posting content they will find interesting and valuable. 

Including Your Employees

If you are an employee and your employees choose to use LinkedIn then it would be advantageous to connect with them on the network.

Your employees can help your business to flourish by keeping their individual LinkedIn profiles optimized with their latest projects and promotions as well as distributing business content. 

LinkedIn gives page managers the option to “Notify Employees” when a post is made to the business page, by selecting this option you give your employees an opportunity to share the business post– should they choose to. 

Forbes believes that your employees as your biggest asset, we believe this is true both on and off of LinkedIn.


By incorporating these tips into your business’s LinkedIn page you can promote the growth and reach of your business. At Davis de Dios Media we have moved to a more active LinkedIn in the last couple of years, check out our profile to see our tips in action!

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