Davis de Dios Media on BH Photo Event Space

Join us on Tuesday, May 31 at 1 EST on B&H Photo’s Event Space’s Livestream! Alan Davis and John de Dios of the Davis de Dios creative leadership team will be presenting about the StellaPro Lights and how it has revolutionized our small business based in Southern, Arizona.

John and Alan give a brief history of the company and talk about how we’ve integrated the StellaPro CLx10s into our workflow, especially during the COVID-19 years.

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Davis de Dios Media Partners with Tucson Botanical Gardens

TUCSON –  Davis de Dios Media (DDM) will begin a yearlong media partnership with the Tucson Botanical Gardens, a Tucson and Southern Arizona institution since 1964.

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Dog Days with Mercy

What better way to spend a morning or afternoon during the hot summer months in Tucson than with a fun jaunt with your best friend at the cool and shady garden paradise in the heart of the city?

This summer, we got to have a little bit of fun with Tucson Botanical Gardensdigital campaign for the ever-popular Dog Days of Summer.

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Tips For Small Businesses Looking to Maximize Their LinkedIn Profile

Are you wondering how to bring your small business onto LinkedIn and maximize your profile in 2022? Or maybe you created a LinkedIn, for yourself, as a part of your Professional Communications class back in college and haven’t checked it since. Perhaps you created an account during a job search just before the pandemic…

We say it’s time to update your profile!

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Marketing on YouTube in 2022

YouTube is an excellent tool for small businesses to utilize in their marketing plans. It is the second most visited website in the world, according to data publisher, Visual Capitalist. The website attracts around 34.6 billion visitors, per month.

So, what sets YouTube apart from other social media marketing platforms?

Think of your 14-year-old sister watching “What’s In My Locker?” videos before her first day of high school.

How about your 84-year-old great aunt trying to figure out how to ping her iPhone from the Apple Watch you bought her for Christmas last year. 


YouTube is unlike platforms such as TikTok or Facebook that cater to specific age ranges because it is used by a much wider range of people—from your Boomers to your Gen Zs. 

How can you put your business’s best foot forward on YouTube? By keeping up with the latest video marketing trends, of course! 

Let’s explore the Current YouTube Marketing Trends together!

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