Marketing on YouTube in 2022

YouTube is an excellent tool for small businesses to utilize in their marketing plans. It is the second most visited website in the world, according to data publisher, Visual Capitalist. The website attracts around 34.6 billion visitors, per month.

So, what sets YouTube apart from other social media marketing platforms?

Think of your 14-year-old sister watching “What’s In My Locker?” videos before her first day of high school.

How about your 84-year-old great aunt trying to figure out how to ping her iPhone from the Apple Watch you bought her for Christmas last year. 


YouTube is unlike platforms such as TikTok or Facebook that cater to specific age ranges because it is used by a much wider range of people—from your Boomers to your Gen Zs. 

How can you put your business’s best foot forward on YouTube? By keeping up with the latest video marketing trends, of course! 

Let’s explore the Current YouTube Marketing Trends together!

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Graduate Student Selected for the 2022 Olesen Davis de Dios Science Multimedia Scholarship

TUCSON — Olesen Davis de Dios Creative Group congratulates Emma Brocato for having been selected as the 2022 Recipient of the O.D.D. Science Multimedia Scholarship.

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Secret’s in the Sauce & in Your Neighbor’s Backyard

For the blog this week I took a trip down memory lane or rather…alongside the Whistle-Stop tracks. Ever heard of them? You might recall an early 90’s movie, based on an original novel, ‘Fried Green Tomatoes.’ Does it ring a bell or a whistle? 

We’re talking Kathy Bates, bee charming, and yes, the secret in the sauce. 

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Davis de Dios Media Featured by Canvas Rebel

CanvasRebel, a new online publication that highlights small businesses, featured Davis de Dios Media!

The article focuses on how our company serves underserved communities, the gear we use, and how Davis de Dios Media started.

CanvasRebel is one of VoyageLA‘s online publications. CanvasRebel articles are written in a Q&A format. Check out the first few graphs below:

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