Wrestlemania 38 | 5 WWE Brilliant Branding Tactics We Noticed

This year Davis de Dios Media went to Dallas, Texas, to watch and observe Wrestlemania, WWE‘s biggest show of the year.

And, oh boy, did they put on the stupendous show!

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A Shift in Small Business Advertising

Let’s talk about advertising throughout the years, what advertising looks like today and how it will change tomorrow!

Advertising is an effective method of attracting business dating as far back as 3000 BC. The oldest piece of non-religious advertising known today actually traces all the way back to Ancient Egypt. 

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5 Types of Professional Videos that Davis de Dios Media Can Provide for You

Over the last two pandemic-centered years, video marketing has increased more than ever before.

Wyzowl, a marketing company that specialized in explainer videos, found that 86% of marketers reported video marketing as their primary source of promotion since the pandemic began in 2020.

However, even before the pandemic made video marketing front-and-center, video marketing had already seen a growth of 61% in popularity among marketers between 2016 and when the pandemic started in 2020. 

In this post, I am going to show you some of the video services we offer at Davis de Dios Media and how we can help you reach your market using video marketing. Here are five different styles of promotional videos Davis de Dios Media has created for some of our clients.

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Prelude: Marc Sanchez

A Film by Alan Scott Davis

Marc A. Sanchez uses his animations “to help individuals see themselves through the stories and characters he creates.” He is a giver of his time and of his passion in his hopes to inspire many young Latino men and boys across the country.

The now multi-award-winning filmmaker aspires to tell Latino stories using his skills as an animator and filmmaker.

His latest animation “Sombras” has won awards at multiple film festivals including DocLA, San Luis Film Festival, and the Indie Film Festival. “Sombras” is currently not available to watch because it is going through the film circuit.

Watch the trailer for Sombras.