ODD Science Multimedia Scholarship

Olesen Davis De Dios (O.D.D.) Science Multimedia Scholarship Endowment
at The University of Arizona School of Journalism

The ODD scholarship recognizes the efforts of Director Carol Schwalbe in creating and building out the science journalism program. Given to a student interested in science reporting using long-form multimedia storytelling.

2021 Recipient: Jordan T. Chin

Jordan, a junior at the University of Arizona School of Journalism, is the inaugural recipient of the Olesen Davis de Dios Science Multimedia Scholarship. Jordan, who has had plenty of experience in professional camera work, receives this scholarship for his interests in long-form storytelling using visual media. His previous work and experience with Arizona Public Media, the local PBS affiliate, where Jordan has split his time between studio and field work, he said. Jordan has also interned at the Hiawatha Broadband Communications (HBC), Inc., in Winona, Minnesota. In addition to the scholarship ($1,000), Jordan will also be receiving a StellaPro 2 Light Interview Kit from Light & Motion, a value of $1,999.99, and a specialized two-hour, one-on-one training session with Light & Motion Champions of Light Alan Davis and John de Dios of Davis de Dios Media. Congratulations, Jordan!


Alan Davis conducting his first interview for his final project in the advanced science multimedia storytelling course in 2013.
Professor Carol Schwalbe at the Biosphere 2 field-reporting trip for the first science journalism class at the University of Arizona Journalism School in 2011.
Alan Davis, our chief cinematographer, goes over the Stella Pro Lights with Jordan Chin, the 2021 recipient of the O.D.D. Science Multimedia Scholarship.

Our team at Davis de Dios Media decided to create the ODD Science (environmental, medical, technology and so forth) Multimedia Scholarship for several reasons, chief of them being a show of appreciation for the then-director of the University of Arizona School of Journalism Director Carol Schwalbe.

It was in 2013 that I found myself, a new transfer student at the University of Arizona, in Professor Schwalbe’s 400/500 level advanced science multimedia journalism class. Going into journalism, I always thought I would be a writer. It was this course that really opened my eyes to visual storytelling.

Over the course of that semester, I would go from taking photos with my iPad to creating video stories with professional broadcast cameras. Overcoming the learning curve took an enormous amount of energy and time but Professor Schwalbe’s patience and instruction provided me with the guidance I needed to succeed. Incidentally, I would also go on to meet my future business partner John de Dios in this class. John was one of the professional video and photography mentors for the course.

To me, science journalism is all about patience and allowing yourself enough time to comprehend the moving pieces of a story well enough to communicate it properly. And being able to communicate that clearly to any audience is powerful.

There has never been a more present need for science journalists than now. The environmental challenges that face our society are overwhelming and complicated. Science journalists decipher and decode dense information for the general public. 

The ODD Environmental & Science Multimedia Scholarship is to go to a journalism student who is interested in telling environmental science multimedia stories. Doing this successfully is intimidating, difficult and time consuming. We hope that the scholarship can, in some small way, lessen the stress that comes with tackling the steep learning curve.  

Of course, we cannot dedicate this scholarship to Carol without mentioning her spouse Cecil Schwalbe. Cecil was an integral part of the science journalism experience at the school of journalism. Cecil himself is an experience. His energy, enthusiasm and passion for teaching and for reptiles – especially those from the desert Southwest was infectious and instilled a sense of “fun” in the learning and communicating of science. While “ODD” is an acronym of our last names (Olesen, Davis, de Dios), the decision to call it the “ODD” scholarship was our ode to Cecil, who is odd in all of the right ways.  

With tremendous gratitude,

~ Alan Scott Davis, co-Principal, Davis de Dios Media

Light & Motion Stella Pro Lights

Aside from the scholarship funds, the inaugural recipient of the ODDest Science Multimedia Journalism Scholarship will also receive an STELLA PRO LIGHTS INTERVIEW KIT, valued at $1,999, from Light & Motion and a 2-hour one-on-one training session with Davis De Dios Media.


A video produced with Stella Pro Lights CLx8

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