ARRI: The Motion Picture Company

DDM provides cinematography and lighting services to Bruce Dorn’s take on the ‘Clan of the Cave Bears’ for ARRI: The Motion Picture Company’s Centennial video promoting their powerful Skypanels.

TV Spots: The Enigmatic Okapi

The Sacramento Zoo supports okapi conservation research in South America, along with many other conservation work for other vulnerable and endangered species that call the zoo its home.

Valentine’s Day Rendezvous

Alan Davis, Davis De Dios partner and cinematographer, captures some detailed shots of Ian Holt in the cock pit of the helicopter.

Canon USA Web Series: ‘Brucie Interrupted’

‘Brucie Interrupted’ is a Canon USA commissioned web series for which Davis De Dios Media serve as the main production team, providing cinematography, photography, editing, casting, and more.

National Geographic Society

Dr Cecil Schwalbe, the first-ever state herpetologist for the State of Arizona, holds a Gila monster to show off its bumpy skin and unique skin pattern.