Marketing on YouTube in 2022

YouTube is an excellent tool for small businesses to utilize in their marketing plans. It is the second most visited website in the world, according to data publisher, Visual Capitalist. The website attracts around 34.6 billion visitors, per month.

So, what sets YouTube apart from other social media marketing platforms?

Think of your 14-year-old sister watching “What’s In My Locker?” videos before her first day of high school.

How about your 84-year-old great aunt trying to figure out how to ping her iPhone from the Apple Watch you bought her for Christmas last year. 


YouTube is unlike platforms such as TikTok or Facebook that cater to specific age ranges because it is used by a much wider range of people—from your Boomers to your Gen Zs. 

How can you put your business’s best foot forward on YouTube? By keeping up with the latest video marketing trends, of course! 

Let’s explore the Current YouTube Marketing Trends together!

Keep it Short

Although YouTube took off with longer viral videos, we are noticing a shift in trend across all platforms to short-form videos. YouTube Shorts were released in July of 2021, as a response to the wildly successful Instagram Reels and TikToks. 

YouTube shorts have already shown to be successful as they are drawing in an average of 15 billion daily views

Small businesses should look to create short-form content in the portrait aspect to sharpen their marketing skills.

Check out this short portrait video we made for the Tucson Botanical Gardens! We can make one for your business too!

Keep in mind that these short portrait videos can be used across different platforms as well. Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Facebook Stories are just a few examples of where else you can showcase your spot. 

Streaming and Shopping Live

Though live videos are daunting, they are becoming increasingly popular on YouTube because they have better engagement potential. A survey done by GWI shows that 24% of internet users report that watching live streams is their primary reason for using social media. 

YouTube released a feature at the end of 2021 that allowed viewers to follow along with live videos and shop featured products at the same time. The setup is easy to follow and worked especially well for beauty-type vloggers. 

YouTube found that 89% of viewers believe that YouTube creators are trustworthy sources for giving product recommendations. And so YouTube gave viewers a seamless way to add items to their cart while keeping tabs on their favorite creators, such as Gordon Ramsey and Manny MUA

Check out the video YouTube released alongside the launch of the new live shopping feature. 


Another feature recently released by YouTube was the ability to add chapters to your videos. This feature gives creators the opportunity to break down their videos into exact “Ah-ha moments”. Doing so helps viewers save time and better navigate your videos. 

Adding chapters to your videos also gives your content more screen space within google searches. Check out the screen space given for a video that is a bit too short to add chapters to compared to one we added chapters to.

By incorporating these current YouTube trends into your agenda, your marketing will go even further. Davis de Dios Media can help you to do just that! Contact us for more info!