National Geographic Society: Gila monsters

An orange and black Gila monster scales the wall in Saguaro National Park in Tucson Arizona as National Geographic credits appear

Some years ago, John was invited to join the staff of National Geographic News. Not wanting to leave teaching, John became a video producer for the vaunted National Geographic Society, instead. Over the course of two years and three different owners, John served as a video producer for the historic publication, before Alan, who was just a university student at the time, joined as an associate producer.

Alan and John both draw from backgrounds in science and science communication. John, a graduate of the University of Arizona, holds degrees in biology and journalism; while Alan spent the bulk of his college career producing science stories and videos for local publications, including the local affiliate for the Public Broadcasting Station (PBS), and earning two of his Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards as an associate producer for two science documentaries.

Gila monsters, the only venomous lizard in the entire United States, calls the desert of Arizona its home. The unique animal boasts features more common to tropical lizards. How are they surviving amidst the growing human population and rising temperatures?

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