Davis de Dios Media start science multimedia scholarship

By Rachel Mosteller/University of Arizona School of Journalism

Two University of Arizona School of Journalism alums who banded together in their professional pursuits are working to help future generations of science and environmental journalists.

Alan Davis (’15) and John de Dios (’05), senior partners of the creative group Davis de Dios Media along with Jonathan Olesen, created the Olesen Davis de Dios (ODD) Environmental & Science Multimedia Scholarship for the school last semester.

Davis and de Dios met at the university in Professor Carol Schwalbe’s science multimedia journalism course in spring 2013. Schwalbe paired de Dios, an accomplished photographer, with Davis. During the semester, de Dios mentored Davis on the technology, computer programs and techniques needed for multimedia storytelling.

Professor Carol Schwalbe’s 2013 multimedia science class takes a night-time tour inside the Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona. Also in the course with Alan Davis were now Assistant Professor Susan Swanberg, former adjunct instructor Jason Davis, and Anna Augustowska, now the director of digital marketing and communications for San Jose State University. Renowned author and science journalist Alan Weisman was the keynote presenter during the weekend. Photograph courtesy of John de Dios

“Learning the technology and necessary computer programs on top of learning journalism techniques makes becoming a science multimedia journalist difficult,” said Davis, who has degrees in science and broadcast journalism. “Finding a story’s angle, making sure your story is factually correct, finding and interviewing appropriate experts and doing research are parts of journalism that aspiring journalists learn.

“Science multimedia journalists must also learn how to use a camera, audio equipment, editing software, lighting and the techniques necessary to use those to tell a story.”

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