Introducing Emily Davis! Davis de Dios Media’s New Team Member and Blogger!

Known best for losing my wallet and being the most awkward person in the room, it’s me, Emily. I started writing and posting blogs for Davis de Dios Media a few weeks ago and thought it would be a good time to introduce myself! 

As a 24-year-old living in Southern California, I spend a lot of time sitting in traffic and I also spend too much money on iced chai lattes (dirty of course). Like the great majority of my generation, I spend a lot of time at Trader Joe’s… but unlike the great majority, I actually get paid to be there.

Working at Trader Joe’s has truly helped me come out of my shell. The forced enthusiasm at the register has actually translated into developing better social skills! Some added perks of working for America’s favorite grocery store include delicious crew-member-discounted groceries and being the most popular person at the bar.

Let me tell you, bar-goers love stopping someone (dressed in Trader Joe’s iconic hibiscus-pattern-shirt) and asking when their all-time favorite Ube ice cream will be back in stock. And I get it! I love Trader Joe’s seasonal items as much as the next person! Just let me grab a drink first…

My wonderful mom and me enjoying delicious food at the Museu da Cerveja

Food has always been a focal point in my life. I was very fortunate to be raised by an excellent cook. My mom grew up all over the globe and from that she gained a wide array of different recipes that she shared with our family. My delicious childhood dinners inspired my own desire to globetrot.

Portuguese Empãdao made me want to travel to the Algarve and having eggs with soldiers for breakfast always urged me to visit my relatives in the UK. So, In 2016 at the ripe age of 18, I decided to finally itch my traveling bug.

I spent time in Fiji, where I learned to scuba dive and volunteered with a gap year organization doing conservation work on the reefs near Beqa Lagoon. I celebrated Hogmanay in Edinburgh! Then I met my second cousin in London and she showed me that it was actually tonic that I don’t like and not gin. In 2019, I even ventured down the Algarve in a speedy new BMW with my mom. There we had all the delicious Portuguese food I had always dreamed of.

**ALWAYS purchase renters insurance when renting a fancy car in a country that has different roundabouts than yours**

Hogmanay in Edinburgh

While the ongoing pandemic may have put a halt to my Eat, Pray, Love-ing, it did give me the opportunity to discover that I enjoy cooking at home! If I remember correctly, it was sometime between downloading TikTok and selling my soul to Animal Crossing during quarantine that I came to the realization.

I had way too much time on my hands and a fountain of COVID-related stress to release. And as it turns out, mincing three times the amount of garlic that your recipe requires can be extremely relaxing. Maybe it has something to do with the chopping?

After a while, I started documenting my kitchen successes and nightmares for all my family and friends to see on Instagram and it actually turned out to be quite rewarding! I hope to bring some of the creativity and humor I used in my kitchen adventures to this blog. 

Ramen a la Emily (recipe here)

There has been a learning curve to writing my blog posts for Davis de Dios Media because there is so much to learn about creative companies and media production. However, my interest in photography and visual arts has made this new endeavor more exciting than anything. Maybe even more exciting than working alongside my brother 😉

My favorite visual media would have to be music videos! In the last year, I was able to attend the Life is Beautiful and Outside Lands music festivals and found a new appreciation for music, which transpired to a love of different artists’ music videos. One of my favorites is Half Alive’s “still feel”.

I love the fluidity of this piece and how it incorporates dance into the video, making it look so effortless. The playful use of color, through lighting, gives the music video a powerful control of mood as well. Mostly I am envious of the different outerwear featured in this spot. As a self-proclaimed fashionista, I find the changing of different retro jackets to be the cherry on top of this delectable music video sundae. 

The second music video I picked out from my mental hard drive is this one by Kid Francescoli. The song actually took off in 2020 because of TikTok! It was featured using the hashtag #anditwentlike, leading to over 28 million streams on Spotify.

I, however, find the official music video created by Cauboyz to be the star of the show here. In the next video, you can see a small snippet into how the brilliant creation was made. I find the ingenuity of the video to be simultaneously breathtaking and subtle. 

This video shows an entirely different side of music videos from the first I shared. It also demonstrates the unlimited realm of possibilities when making visual art. This visual media interests me and I hope to explore more of it with you all in the upcoming blog posts. 

Anyhow, enough about me and my “quirky” music taste! Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I’ll catch up with you all next week! 

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