5 Options for Video Marketing

Video marketing is a rapidly growing method of business promotion. According to a HubSpot study, 54% of consumers prefer video marketing from the businesses that they support. This consumer preference has led to 86% of marketing professionals transitioning to using video as their favored promotional tool (Wyzowl, 2021). With so many businesses turning to video advertising, it is important that they find ways to make their promotional videos unique and memorable. In this blog post, we explore 5 different types of marketing videos that businesses can use to generate more attention to their products and services.

Let’s get started!

Comedic Videos

One lighthearted method of advertisement is with a video that makes your audience laugh. Laughter rings true as the best medicine as we venture into 2022. We’ve had no lack of hardships in the last few years and an ad that can make me chuckle during my seemingly endless 5-day quarantine is the one I’m going to explore more. Let’s not forget that there’s no video that goes viral like a funny one. 

I have two examples for you on this one… First off, the unforgettable, “You’re not you when you’re hungry” commercial from Snickers featuring the one, the ONLY Betty White. 

(pause for a moment of silence) 

Secondly, I chose a more recent ad for Hot Cheetos that had me laughing and craving Red Dye 40 all at once. 

Animated Videos

Animated videos are a great option because they truly are limitless. If you can dream it and place your product in it, it can be made. A great example of this can be seen in the advertisement below from Sherwin Williams. The video is upbeat, playful, and, frankly, WILD-ly impressive.

Brand Videos

Today, consumers do more research on the companies they support. It is more important than ever for businesses to have good ethics, strong company morale, and a clear mission that they communicate to the world… a promotional brand video does just that! These advertisements employ ethos to pull at the heartstrings of your clientele. 

This campaign by Rivian is an excellent example of grabbing an audience’s attention without pushing the product. It takes a step back and gives viewers a few moments to “breath in” the values of the company. Though subtle, this video by Rivian delivers a sense of family and community. It also points towards a greener future, as it promotes electric vehicles. 

Product-Centered Videos

A promotional product video shows off the design and use of your product, it draws attention to your business with a video that is visually beautiful. This type of promotion works especially well in the tech world. This iPad mini advertisement by Apple shows off the sleek lines and sharp capabilities of the tablet. We’ve seen it, we get it and it works! 

Inspirational Videos

Inspirational marketing videos have been and continue to be effective in the ever-changing world. A video that reminds us that we can go on one more day, or urges you to put down that bag of Lay’s salt and vinegar chips, buy yourself a new two-piece workout set, and hit the gym is one that works, time and time again. Businesses and brands use inspirational videos to show you how they can make your life better. This advertisement by Toyota ranks among my favorites, (and not just because I drive a Corolla). It tells the story of 13-time Paralympic gold medalist, Jessica Long, and musters perseverance within its viewer. 

The possibilities for video marketing are endless and we at Davis de Dios Media want to explore those possibilities with you. Let’s tell your story together and create the perfect video content for your niche. Check out our website, Instagram or Facebook for more information!