Davis de Dios Media Partners with Tucson Botanical Gardens

TUCSON –  Davis de Dios Media (DDM) will begin a yearlong media partnership with the Tucson Botanical Gardens, a Tucson and Southern Arizona institution since 1964.

As an official media partner for the Tucson Botanical Gardens, Davis de Dios Media will lead the effort in building a robust digital identity for Tucson Botanical Gardens across its web and social media platforms. Davis de Dios Media will produce videos, photos, and social media content for the Gardens, including a planned sustained coverage for a brand new installation that is scheduled to debut during the 2022 holiday season.

“We are thrilled to be working with Davis de Dios Media. Their breathtaking work and ability to tell our unique story across a variety of media will dramatically improve how we present the Gardens to the community and the world at large,” said Matt Adamson, the director of marketing and communications for the Tucson Botanical Gardens. “We couldn’t be happier to begin what will be a rich collaborative partnership.” 

The Tucson Botanical Gardens welcomes more than one hundred and fifty thousand visitors per year across its 16 residentially scaled urban gardens, including the widely popular Cox Butterfly and Orchid Pavilion.

“We are delighted to begin this partnership with the Tucson Botanical Gardens. The Gardens’ several acres of garden space yields a great deal of potential for so many beautiful stories we are hoping to tell,” said Alan Davis, the CEO of Davis de Dios Media. “On the personal side, I’m also looking forward to applying what I learn from Adam (Farrell-Wortman), the Gardens’ lead horticulturist, to my garden at home!” 

In addition to the unnamed documentary project, the DDM x TBG Media Partnership will also feature two seasonal digital media advertising campaigns and a media curriculum that will help build a library of photography and video resources for the Gardens — which is especially important to the Gardens’ mission to “connect people with plants and nature through art, science, history, and culture.”

“Today a botanical garden must be much more than pleasurable, interesting, exotic. Now the necessity is a fuller understanding and application of the relationship of plants with all other life on the planet,” Bernice Porter, the originator of the Tucson Botanical Gardens, said in 1968. “We must realize, as never before, that plants, which are supported by the earth, support the earth.”

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Davis de Dios Media video announcement of the Tucson Botanical Gardens media partnership