A Shift in Small Business Advertising

Let’s talk about advertising throughout the years, what advertising looks like today and how it will change tomorrow!

Advertising is an effective method of attracting business dating as far back as 3000 BC. The oldest piece of non-religious advertising known today actually traces all the way back to Ancient Egypt. 

It was etched into papyrus by business owner, Habu, and it promised one piece of gold to whoever could locate the missing slave, Shem, and return him back to the fabric vendor, Habu. Shem was to be returned to Habu’s fabric shop, where patrons could also find… a superior selection of beautiful fabrics!

This ‘ad’ was found in Thebes, Greece and it is currently exhibited at the British Museum. Who would have thought that after over 5000 years, we would still be hearing about Habu’s amazing textiles? Sounds like genius advertising, complete with storytelling marketing, to me!

Advertising has seen big changes since then. The printing press, newspapers, radio, and television have all catapulted marketing and advertising into each passing era.

The internet brought us our most recent marketing curve ball– digital marketing. 

Curious about how small businesses are keeping up with the latest wave of digital marketing trends? Follow along for more insights into marketing campaigns for 2022.

Investing in Social Media Advertising 

Visual Objects, an online portfolio of creative firms, composed a study in 2022, deciphering the current trends for small business advertisement budgets.

They found that 70% of small businesses reported social media advertising as their preferred advertising channel. 

With 82% of the nation using social media in 2022, it is the most effective way to reach your targeted audience (Statista, 2022).

Social media advertising delivers reach that has never been accomplished in the world of advertising before and for a lower cost than the marketing options of yesterday. 

The same Visual Objects study found that 26% of small businesses only used an average of 20% of their set advertising budget on social media in 2021. This shows that marketing on social media is both affordable and effective. 

In the past, it has been a general rule of thumb for businesses to dedicate roughly 5-10% of their revenue to advertising. BDC, a Canadian bank for entrepreneurs, confirms that this is still the case. With digital marketing being more affordable, your 5-10% can go even further. 

Advertising on social media has an advantage because it is malleable to your different targeted audiences.

In the U.S., the average Facebook user is 41 years old, while the average TikTok user is between 18 and 24 years old. Instagram currently grasps its majority between 24 and 35 years old.  

By advertising across one or more of the different platforms available to you, you can reach a wide array of potential customers. 

Cost and Return on Investment

Below you can find the minimum spend amount for each of the different platforms 

  • Facebook: $1/day
  • Instagram: $1/day
  • LinkedIn: $10/day
  • YouTube: $10/day
  • TikTok: $20/day

Compared to physical and television advertisements, these costs are more dynamic and their return on investment is more easily trackable. 

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and TikTok all offer insights for your business pages, where you can track your advertising engagements as well as your reach to help you better understand your customers. 

Example of Facebook Business Insights

You can easily see how well your advertisements perform across these different platforms through their respective analytics services. 

What to Look Forward to in 2022

Small businesses can gain more traffic by utilizing social media advertisements and adapting to the changing playing field.

Visual Objects also found that more than half of the small businesses, (54%), in their study plan to invest more time in their social media advertising in 2022. 

Many small businesses are looking to use newer methods like TikTok videos or their direct rival, Instagram Reels. These videos are short and force users to get more creative with their content.

I, myself, have found a few different staple accessories while scrolling through TikTok and 52% of my fellow Tiktokers agree that they have found new products through ads while using TikTok. 

Others look to start utilizing ads on Youtube, where viewers say they are 2x more likely to buy a product they saw on Youtube compared to the competitive average. 

I know I discovered my latest clothing brand obsession, Outdoor Voices, through a Youtube ad. This makes sense when I consider that 70% of viewers found that Youtube made them more aware of brands. Consider me Youtube’s guinea pig!

In Conclusion

The world around us changes with every day that passes and the marketing world changes with it. Advertising remains one of the greatest tools that a business can use to make increase its return on investment.

For small businesses, digital advertising should be the foundation of their marketing strategies in 2022 and coming years.  

Need some ideas on how to advertise your business for your social media pages? Davis de Dios Media can help you do just that! Contact us for more information.