Davis de Dios Media Featured by Canvas Rebel

CanvasRebel, a new online publication that highlights small businesses, featured Davis de Dios Media!

The article focuses on how our company serves underserved communities, the gear we use, and how Davis de Dios Media started.

CanvasRebel is one of VoyageLA‘s online publications. CanvasRebel articles are written in a Q&A format. Check out the first few graphs below:

Alan, thanks for joining us, excited to have you contributing your stories and insights. One of the most important things small businesses can do, in our view, is to serve underserved communities that are ignored by giant corporations who often are just creating mass-market, one-size-fits-all solutions. Talk to us about how you serve an underserved community.

Serving the underserved is extremely important to our business. Given the opportunity, we give our time and services to elevate the voices of those who are otherwise underrepresented. Our company would not exist without those who believed and invested in us. We want to pay it forward.

Alan Davis checks the settings before the interview with Kenneth Shirley.

Prelude Series

One of the ways Davis de Dios Media gives back is through our “Prelude” mini profile series, which highlights young leaders and artists of color. With Prelude, we want to provide a platform for these young leaders and artists and help amplify their voices in the greater community.

The short documentary pieces are posted online and on social media increasing their visibility online. Check out the Prelude Series page here

Kenneth Shirley, Marc “Give me Más” Sanchez and Earl Mitchell are the subjects of the first three episodes of “Prelude.” They are young leaders who are making a tremendous impact within the community and it has been our privilege to be able to help tell their stories.

Check out the full CanvasRebel article on Davis de Dios Media HERE.

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