How A Brilliantly Designed Website Led To The Perfect Picnic

Before I started writing the blogs for Davis de Dios Media, I never gave much thought to the importance of website design. Growing up with technology right at my fingertips might have jaded me to the work that goes into creating a page, making it user-friendly, and to the ever-changing art of keeping your websiteContinue reading “How A Brilliantly Designed Website Led To The Perfect Picnic”

Food Photography: Jingalov Hats for Paul

Last week I was washing and prepping some radishes that I had bought at the Farmaki’s farmers’ market when I stopped to ask, “What am I supposed to do with all these radish tops?” Throwing the luscious greens out just seemed like such a waste. A quick text to the family group chat and IContinue reading “Food Photography: Jingalov Hats for Paul”

Introducing Emily Davis! Davis de Dios Media’s New Team Member and Blogger!

As a 24-year-old living in Southern California, I spend a lot of time sitting in traffic and I also spend too much money on iced chai lattes (dirty of course). I also write the blogs for Davis de Dios Media and I wanted to introduce myself!